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Which Country En Route To Thailand Has Least Difficult Pet Transit Rules?


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I am facing some complications trying to plan to move my two kitties from the U.S. to Thailand. This forum has been tremendously helpful but I need some advice.

I have read here that it is best to try and fly direct to Thailand and avoid stopovers in different countries, because my cats could face restrictions there as well in addition to those I already have to deal with for Thailand's authorities. The only problem is, it appears Thai Airways is the only airline that goes direct from the U.S. (where I am currently) to Thailand, and my cat is likely overweight for their restrictions. (When I called them they said the limit for pets in cabin is 15 lbs including the kennel, and my cat is just under 15 lbs - and I won't fly her unless she's in the cabin with me.)

So either she goes on a flash diet (and I'm not too confident in success on that!), or we'll have no choice but to have a stopover. So my question is: which country is least difficult with their pet transit rules? Korea, Taiwan, and Japan are the places most airlines stop in.

I appreciate any feedback, esp. from anyone who transited through one of these countries with pets *as carry-on*.



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