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T-shirt Printing


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I am just an International College student attending Durakij Pundit university. I have recently discovered a T-shirt printing service in MBK Center which charges 500 Baht...

If anybody knows where else in Bangkok I can get my T-shirts printed, please let me know.

First I plan to print just simple Typos aka sentences (self created). Later on I would plan to rpint in Characters of Japanese Anime or Videogame Characters, favorite Logos on them,... May I do that or is it copyright violation?

I just wanted to make sure...

thanks in advance...

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Yes is copyright violation even if it one pcs ,


for 500 baht i think think it would be silkscreen , chances is from a ink jet or some kinda color press ,

which would nto last ,

i been in the tee shirt business for many yes and i had sold my design to a few country .

if you want to produce any of your stuyff for sale ,.

contact me maybe i can help you more .

as for one tee shirt .

trust me - do it at the first place you find ,

chances is if it just one tee shirt , paying 1,000 b for it is still ok .. cos taking taxi around to find the cheapest place to print . would end up more .

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