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5 Things About Yourself......


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This is too much fun, gotta do five more ...

1. As a youth, I briefly converted to the religion of the 15 year old perfect master, Guru Maharaji, and then I renounced the faith and divulged its secrets to the press (which was strictly forbidden)

2. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a well shaped male bottom and don't understand why the majority of men think the wide female ones are prettier (or do they?)

3. I don't believe in God, but if someone is ailing I will tell them I am praying for them if I think that will make them feel better

4. As a youth, I drank gallons of Tab soda, everyday

5. When I meet an old German man, I can't get the image of the death camps out of my mind




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- I now have Titanium rods in my spine

- I am 48 soon, and am thinking a lot about my career

- I met Yanni and had a nice chat with him at the Bangkok airport 10 years ago

- I met my wife the day I hired her as my assistant 8 years ago

- I think Naam is the funniest (and one with the most knowledge on many things) poster on TV

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- For many years I wrote all my letters using the Turbo Pascal editor (which was about 20 k "big")

- In my studying years I made a living (not too bad btw :D ) from playing backgammon and gin rummy at chess cafes

- I have a diploma as a skiing teacher

- Last year I've bought green coloured contact lenses in BKK - just to find out they completely matched my original greenbrown eye colour

- After spending winter in Thailand most of the last 20 years, this year I really enjoy the cold season here in Germany. But one year might be enough for another 20 to come ...

This really is a lovely topic and a very enjoyable read. Thank you everyone for sharing. :o

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when i was a kid, i worked on a farm where we used to perform artificial insemination on chickens.

i once ate dog with a lisu hilltribe member up in chiang rai. (no, it didnt taste like chicken)

ten years ago, i gave up a job in australia that would have been paying much more than i get now, but i am a happier person now than i was then.

i love cheese twistie sandwiches.

if i died with ice cream or chocolate in my mouth, i would have died happy.

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1. I'm not Indian, or Portuguese (as my webname might suggest)

2. I went out and bought an oven, just so I could have a pizza (up north)

3. I only buy stuff at Central when it's on sale (everything there is sold at 30-70% discount eventually)

4. I'm very jai-yen, except when driving in BKK!

5. When I first got here I couldn't eat a 'proper' som-tam, now I eat the same as the wife (very spicy) - mai phet, mai aroi!

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1. Monday - mother - student - mother and house wife

2. Tuesday - mother - free - mother and house wife

3. Wednesday - mother - free - mother and house wife

4. Thursday - mother - student - mother and..no more house wife

5. Friday - mother - student - mother and...party !!!


Weekend ? .......hang over :o

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I'm easily amused :D but dangerous if provoked. :D

I have a highly respect for the elders, always seek the blessings from any decent elder for their worldly experiences and wisdom.

I had made up my own lists: 100 places to see and do before I die....from riding hot air balloon over the 'Valley of The King' in Luxor, Egypt.......to New Year Counts Down in Time Square, NY, et. Still 30+ to go. :D

I made a pledge...if there is a terrorist attacks in the heartland USA, I shall move back to my home country- LOS on the first available flight out.

One thing that LOS is better than other places in the world is it has the best tropical fruits, varieties and all year long, new season new kinds of fruits..endless supplied. :D

This is just me! :o

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Donna - you didn't? you did? How the hel_l do you inseminate a chicken? The mind googles... Or perhaps i should.

Well, anyway, here's a few more from yours truly -

I love cats and am a bit scared of dogs

When I was a kid I had a guinea pig called piggy

My mother has never told me about the birds and the bees (still waiting and i am 45)

I fell in love, at the age of 14, with Bruce Springsteen

I can get right down to the floor when i do the twist (getting back up is another story)

Oh, and another one... no forget it!!

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I love dogs and hate cats - how can you love an animal that sulks when it's not being fed?

When I was a kid I had a boxer that tried to eat the next door neighbour

When I told my mother I was gay she yawned, said 'yes dear' and went back to her knitting

I fell in love, at the age of 12, with Norman who lived on Borva Drive :D

I can get right down to the floor after saying hello to Monsieur Courvoisier


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Well today…..hmm let’s see

-My eyes might be described as chestnut or maple wood brown

-My skin color is a golden honey sunkissed color

-I do not move lithely. In fact, I'm very uncoordinated….today

-Crazy like a fox, meaner than a junkyard dog


ohh…a piece of eye candy, that will give you a tooth ache from the plethora of sweetness!! :o

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