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5 Things About Yourself......


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1. I am moody woman !

2. I am sweet woman. :o

3. When im angry ? dont even get close to me.

4. I dont like to eat sweet things - cake - ice cream - chocolate - candy (except eye candy)

5. Wine and beer are my fav. !


My emails and msn is....LOL

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1. I'm a classic car fan (I have a 1966 Volvo Amazon)

2. I love to cook (Thai food is my speciality)

3. I do Tai Chi to an advanced level (matial arts are in my blood)

4. I love to do puzzels (the various types of sudoku keep me happy)

5. I have a Doctorate in Biblical Studies (ancient Hebrew and Greek are my strongest points)

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!. I've been hit on the head by a champagne cork fired by Jasper Carrot.

2. I used to be a semi-pro ten-pin bowler.

3. I can spell and say the longest place name in the UK

4. I set up a midi music studio for Peter Schmeichel.

5. Don't ask my IQ as you wouldn't believe me.

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I have friends and family who thinks I am wasting my life by being in LOS

I cannot drink beer. 3bottles max

I am addicted to fried chicken

I have a low tolerance for idiots

I am amazed that I live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle in BKK then at home.

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- silent but lethal

- definitely not a diamond in the rough, but more like...a rosebud in a field of blooming flowers

- cannot stand "air" in the conversation

- most definitely endowed with the gift of creativity

- curvacious and highly perceptive since the tender age of 15.

"abstract"---- that's my best definition of myself - to sum it all up!!! :o

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1. My beginning French teacher said I was her first student ever to write an existential play in beginner's French (so I got an A)

2. I don't fancy enemas, giving or getting, but I am tolerant of enema fetishists

3. I watch over 500 movies every year, my record in one day, six

4. If down to my last dollars I would spend it first on delicious food rather than a fleabag crashpad

5. I fear Barack Obama may be too good for his own good

6. Rules don' t apply to me, I am special (its worked for me so far, no reason to change now)

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1. I hate black puddings

2. Alex Ferguson once hit me on the head for wearing an LFC top

3. A monkey bit me in Morocco

4. I have worked outside of the UK since I was 23

5. I can write with both hands

love black pudding

i would have ripped his red nose off

nearly got bit in thailand

always worked uk except for trips to Amsterdam for training

i can write with both hands too,ambidextrous???

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1- I am married to a wonderful woman

2- I used to sell life insurance...and I liked it

3- I love som tam manda

4- I was a DJ in a radio station

5- I will be under the knife coming Monday , for about 4 hours

6- I am happy (except for nb 5)

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1. I was a DJ and featured / performed infront of 6,000 plus crowd once for a new year party

2. I love bread pudding

3. I don't drink tea or coffee

4. I was a semi pro road cyclist

5. I am a moderator (Operator) in one of ICQ chat rooms


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1- I don't mind if a person likes me or not since I’m not social at all (and quite grumpy)

2- I tend to say things just the way they come to my mind and that takes me to a lot of troubles

3- I like pizza

4- I'm in love with photography, I could spend hours taking pictures

5- I dislike empty brains


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I've had three wives (currently have a TGF)

I've flown around a large part of Australia in about 20 hours (five stops)

I've played with a group of lion cubs

I was once bitten on the finger by a moray eel.

I've eaten buffalo, camel, emu, ostrich, kangaroo, snail, frogs, ants, dugong and even crocodile.

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1.I love growing palm trees even in the UK (yes u can)

2.I got my ear cut off aged 10

3. I dont drink alcohol hate the tatse

4. I got married for the first time at 43

5. I was almost killed aged 2 still have the scar under my eye in a road traffic accident, new car suspension broke, manufacturing fault in 1965

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1. I love Chelsea FC

2. I've walked on water

3. I've changed water to wine

4. I've feed 5,000 followers

5. I've healed a leper

Sorry God! :o

I only believed you when you got to number 2 onwards, I mean come on "I love Chelsea FC" :D

Haha come on now, we both know they are the best team in the land! :D

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I met the singer Seal here on Koh Phangan and had no idea who he was

I studied Mandarin Chinese and managed to forget most of it

I am hopeless at math (numbers are not my friends!)

Even though I am American, I understand relegation :o

Oops! only did four, did I mention I am hopeless at math? :D

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I used to milk a cow by hand as a child - before and after school

I have appeared at 2 uk theatres and on local radio

I have worked and drank on the kings Road in London SW1

I am lucky

I hate people who lie and exagerate to further themselves and belittle others

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In Chronological order:

1. Dad taught me to drive when I was 12. Would go to the pub with him and special weekend treat would be to drive him home (that's a smart fella)

2. Had a Triumph Stag when I was 18 (it was a bag of <deleted>, but hey it counts!)

3. I have no regrets

4. Wrote part lyrics and appeared in a Tik Shiro song/video in the 90's

5. Dad again at 47...lovin it!

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1. I have an English Bulldog

2. I have a black belt in Gum Do (Korean samurai)

3. I told Joey Barton to fuc_k off in Sukhumvit Rd

4. I haven't been drunk today (first time since last Sunday)

5. I feel that having a girlfriend in bkk is like bringing a sandwich to a buffet.

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1. I have visited 6 of the world's 7 continents.

2. I spent a week in hospital in the next bed to Denis Law.

3. I died when I was 22 (temporarily).

4. I spent 20 minutes chatting to Stevie Wonder before he went on stage at the Mojo in Sheffield.

5. I love bacon sandwiches.

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- i hail from another planet,

- my favourite pastime is studying the irrational behaviour of natives on planet Sol III (aka Earth),

- my battle experience as a warrior did not prevent that an earthling female tricked me into marrying her nearly 30 years ago,

- i consider a complicated mathematic equation much more beautiful than a dozen naked curvacious virgins in my bedroom,

- i think it's disgusting that the earthling female a i am married to wouldn't allow a dozen naked curvacious virgins in my bedroom.

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