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Tourist Visa To Usa For Thai Gf

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Hello all,

Would like to invite my Thai gf for a visit to the states. This post is to confirm (or not) the *rigors* of obtaining a tourist visa to the USA? Other than her invitation to the states for a limited time and that she would certainly return to continue taking care of her family, she has no compelling proof that she would return to Thailand. If those of you with experience believe she has a chance, do you know of a service in

Khon Kaen that could help with the visa application?

Thanks in advance for your replies


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I have not gone through the tourist visa process, yet, but I have an idea about it. Thais applying for a tourist visa have to provide sufficient (or as you state, compelling) evidence indicating that they do not intend to permanently settle in the US. If you (her boyfriend) are a US citizen, then you represent a connection to the US, and a possible reason to stay, therefore, it negatively impacts her chance of getting a tourist visa.

You need to highlight her connections to Thailand. This may include evidence that she has job in Thailand, is going to school in Thailand, has financial assets in Thailand, and/or has family in Thailand. Sufficient evidence is vaguely defined (at best) with regards to how much evidence is necessary.

good luck!


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my gf applied twice.  The embassy doesn't care.  The presumption is that she will NOT return and that's a difficult presumption to overcome.  My gf goes to Mahidol Univ, works at an upscale spa (no happy endings), has 200,000 baht in her bank acct. and had a round trip ticket in hand....DENIED.  I wanted her to spend some time here to see how she would like to live in the US and also meet my family.  NO LONGER an option.  I have to go the fiance visa route which is an all or nothing proposition. Yes I have 90 days to decide, but it's be better to mull over it after spending a month or two together.....I was hoping for three one month trips and then fiance visa, but now I have to go the fiance visa round.  HONESTY DOESN'T COUNT when apply for a tourist visa.  what a sucky systems....

Good luck to you

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