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Hair Salons, Waxing --revisited


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kaz's post about eyelashes got me thinking... and no, its probably not a good idea to ask how my train of thought went that direction :o


I am headed up to Bangkok next month for a dental appt and thought I'd get some girly stuff done while I am there. I found a great guy at the Toni & Guy in Siam discovery (kris, good english, did wonders for my hair and absolutely adorable. If he's not there anymore I may just chance Nikki at Schwing)

And would be interested in someone who does a good job waxing-- I stay around MBK, so would prefer that area (I don't fancy a schlep to Banglampu) so, any recommendations?

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I posted about finding a salon or somewhere for the budget-minded to get their curly hair cut in the Chiang Mai forum and only one lead from a lady, the rest just men making jokes. I am still putting off the haircut and doing research. Curly haired girls are lucky they can just wait sometimes, but not forever! This thread is a nice idea SBK!

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recommendations always need updating! :o

As for Kris, well, I have curly/frizzy hair and he did absolute wonders with my hair. Best haircut for my hair that I have had in years. Too often stylists try to force your hair into something its not (the Thai stylists love to blowdry the heck out of my hair. Sure, its straight for one day but then poof! the next day its frizzy/curly again). Kris gave me some great hints on how to keep the curl and lose the frizz and did a great job of cutting my hair so that it continued to look good even after I left the salon.

Fingers crossed he is still there. :D

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