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Scruffy's Murphy's


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I do like Scruffy's although the food will pack on the kilos fast enough! I've made a few trips to the sister pub. K. Molly's but the banana dysco is of no value as I expect my banana to be well flexed before that place gets moving! How is it doing?

You would ( or mabey not) be supprised on how many BG's like to be guests at Scruffys for the sing along! Remember now that single Thai girls are not allowed in alone.....etc. And, the blokes at the door are pretty good with spying those fake DL's from Soi Khao San! I know of one TG whom was on holiday in Phuket and was refused entrance with a California DL... whe went back to her hotel and got her U.S. passport and spat the door blokette out in Thai claiming she would go to the tourist police.. Since that Police box is a mere 100 m away she gained enterance forthwith. I tried to pick her up but was told she'd be buying her own drinks and the hubby ( and U.S. Navy commander) was out to sea and she was just waiting to meet him in on a port call. Oh well, I guess it was back to tiger for a bit of trooling!

How is Soi Tiger?

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