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Yacht Mast Hits Power Cables To Lanta

Daffy D

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Apparently yesterday afternoon the mast of a yacht sailing between the two Lanta islands touched the overhead power cables and shorted out the electricity supply to all of Lanta Yai for several hours.

Anybody hear this story? It must have been a huge yacht as the power cables are very high, also what would have happened to the boat? Would it catch fire? Explode or would the current just zap round the outside of the hull and earth harmlessly in the water?

Would be interested to hear the details


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I was living in Saladan at the time... didn't hear anything about a yacht hitting the power cables - it would have to be a pretty high mast i'd guess... although who knows if it was windy...

Anyway, we had quite a few blackouts - always have, always will, so no real suprises there.

did you ever hear more?

whose yacht was it supposed to have been? there were acouple around, more in April than Jan though...

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Wow long time for reply :D

No I don't have any more details. Lots of blackouts on Lanta so not really news except that a Farang neighbor of my wife's friend on the phone at the time told her (the friend) that he has seen it happen..........

I was surprised too as the size of the yacht must have been huge and wondered if the channel between the two islands would have been deep enough for such a boat.

But TIT so anything is possible :)

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