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hi all

I'm wondering if you guys have seem any good deals = Businesses adjusting to the expected low season

i know Pattaya has always been the place in Thailand for "value for money" , but with hotels at 50% occupancy , bad exchange rates (for most) and other factors i bet this season is going to be pretty hard for most Tourist based business's

There's always good deals on in Pattaya , I'm not talking about the ones most people know about ( e.g Crazy daves @ 65B or cheap Chang at the Supermarket with a seat / step to sit on :D ). I'm talking about New deals or promotions you have noticed in the last month or two

or is it just the same as normal .....where businesses would rather have no customers, keep there prices the same..... and struggle . hmmm i wonder ?? :o

Promotions / Special offers / 2 for 1 / 50% off Deals .. have you seen Any ??

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Sorry to disappoint you, but if anything, i've noticed prices have gone up!

It seems to me that the mentality in Thailand is to increase prices when there's a downturn in revenue :o

The only thing that i did notice recently is that the airlines that operate here in Thailand have reduced their airfare by approx 25%, but all that will do is encourage people to leave. Im not complaining though as i have just booked a flight home and saved over 10,000bt :D

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