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Htc Touch Hd / Samsung Omnia... The Next Best Phone


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It breaks my heart that the Omnia has such a small display and only the Korean version comes with a 800 x 480 screen. Otherwise I would have already bought one.

The HTC Touch HD looks good even though it runs with 34.000 THB about 10.000 THB more expensive than the Omnia. I'm not waiting for the Nokia N97 because it is too bulky and the Sony Xperia X1 has also some flaws that I won't get it.

Is there any other great all in one phone on the horizon that is worth waiting for? What would you buy right now?

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I would buy yours Wolfie but as I said the small screen is what kind of bugs me. Even the Nokia 5800 Music Express comes with a bigger screen (but is too bulky).

The Touch HD looks better and better from day to day the price tag is kinda annoying though.

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I have the HTC touch pro, which although the screen is quite smallish, it does have full vga resolution. Tiny little pixels though, you do need good eyes!

I reckon prices will come down on the previous models now that the HD came out, I've seen the HD and apart from the bigger sized screen not sure yet what the advantages are over the touchpro/diamond touch. Specs are exactly the same compared to the older ones, maybe updated rom etc...

The screen would suit people watching video's on the device, which I hardly do, I do use the youtube application on my device quite often, which produces excellent quality images (when in high quality mode and using wifi). In low quality the streams are still pretty good watchable, and come in perfectly without buffering on Thailand's ancient Edge network...

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