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"enter Before" Date

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My 2 entry tourst visa says "Enter Before 14 Jun 2009", with 14 Jun 2009 being the stamped in date.

OK, I can speak English so I know that literally this means enter before midnight on 13 Jun.

But the flight details aren't quite working out that way.

Any chance "Enter Before 14 Jun 2009", could mean it is OK to enter on 14 June?

Anyone have experience with this?

Sincere thanks,


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I remember one post from a member that forgot his use before date but could not do his border run in time. He was able to use his 2nd entry on that date but it may of just been his lucky day.

I think I would make every effort possible to do it on the 13th.

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Agree. You will probably end up with 30 days. Sorry but you did really answer your own question.

Are you talking about your 1st entry or your 2nd entry? If you are talking about your 1st entry you will lose the 2nd one anyway.

Edit I see it is your 2nd.

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There's a good chance that entering on that date could be ok, but honestly, who's going to risk it to find out. Losing a 60-day entry on a double entry tourist visa would really be a heavy price to pay for the sake of saving one day.

I'm off tomorrow (Feb 3) on a visa run because I must enter before Feb 4.

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