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Today is my wedding aniversary, probably spelled that wrong, and asked the wife where and what she wanted to chow down on.

"Meatloaf with veggies and smashed potatos with potato sauce" ( I used to make a killer ML back in the world ) was her reply.

So anyway...

Where is the chosen place to consume mass quanities of this of most delicious meals?

( 1943 style...)

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At Liam Suan Dok Mai's restaurant, Daphne is very willing to prepare this for you. However, you have to order in advance as it is a special dish, thus not on the menu.

People who have eaten at the restaurant are impressed with the tasty food. (for example: Margaret of CM-CR magazine, Paul of the dining club and and and ......................................................... me :o)

Oh, and the best thing is: she has the real coffee with a sip of Amaretto and Belgium waffles. :D

For more info pm daffietje.

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Dapne is Belgium. She/the restaurant is in Faham.

Coming from Ram II and heading direction Amari Rincome take a U-turn under the bridge, followed by a left turn at the first road after the U-turn. After approximately 1.5 km's you see a sign with Liam Suan Dok Mai on your right.

At this sign turn left into a mooban. First soi on you right and the guesthouse and restaurant is on your left.

Buon appetite!. :o

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