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Photo Challenge Rules


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1. Challenges are limited to photos taken within Thailand or are clearly Thailand related.

2. Only your own photos may be submitted.

3. You may post up to 3 photos in each challenge.

4. Photos must have been shot within the last 3 months.

5. Post processing is OK, but it will be up to the judge if it works or not.

6. Keep your images to 600-800 pixels on their longest side, if posting a link.

7. Please include some EXIF data including: speed, aperture, ISO, and any PP you've done.

8. Judging will be by Forum Poll or via Post Votes at the end of the period

9. The winner gets to set the subject for the next challenge available.

10 Each challenge will be open for 15 days or more. Please see the challenge announcement.

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Challenge No 3 - The Crufts, Dogs

Teaching retrievers not to retrieve, from Draggons.


Just give me the word and I'll have 'em, from Draggons


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