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Public Swimming Pools In West Bangkok Wanted


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This is mainly on behalf of some Thai eager to go swimming-they are a bit shy so the usual hotel etc. pools dont really please them. (too afraid to get refused or to have to pay far too much). Ive foud some postings about public pools- 3, in parks Lumpini, Benjasiri and the Nat Stadium at Hua mark-but its for the western part of Bangkok-Pra Nakorn\Thevet or around (just west of river, Pinklao etc also OK). So maybe does anyone know something there? And please-they swim in the klongs back home=North East, but will not do that here in BKK-understandably. NO small splash-around a bit-but -if at all possible 25 or 50 mtr bath.

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Theres one on the roof of 'The Mall' at Nam Wong Wan (sp) but I've never tried it.

The other one that I have tried is NW Bangkok at Lam Luc Ka, on Pahonyothin Rd. It's actually on the Air/Army base and is run by their social club, 40 baht, swim from 3pm onwards. There are two pools there, one for swimming and another shallow one for splashing around. Loungers and tables are around the pool and refreshments are available.

Hope this helps.

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