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Quite often some of the sayings from our former countrys can have people looking at you like you have lost your mnd.

I was just wondering what little gems others remember.

Just to start you off, 2 from my mother who was from the North country of the UK

I'm getting my hair off ...... translation, I am getting annoyed with you.

I just want to get my feet off.....translation, my feet are tired and I want to get my shoes off.

And another one from one of my Ex husbands ( the 2nd one I think )

I've been Flat out like a lizard drinking... translation, I have been very busy

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No relavance to Real Estate, it went into the wrong forum.

As for Thailand there are dozens of posts that have nothing to do with this country, jokes, change letters etc.

Did you get out of bed on the wrong side? there is a light side to life for many of us.

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