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Online Exclusive Offers, Bangkok £356!


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read small print/conditions:

"# Book by 02 March 2009

# Travel dates 16 February - 30 June 2009

# No travel permitted between 10 April - 17 April 2009

# Minimum stay Saturday night

# Maximum stay 30 days"

:o Why put a max stay of 30 days. What difference does it make to airlines if it is 31-40 or even 60 days?

A return is still a return, why do they charge more for over 30 days?

We are not living in the bloody plane for the duration, so why the restriction??

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it's very normal in aviation that short stays are cheapest.

that way the traveller would be able to travel several times instead of just one - benefit for the traveller and for the airline

If you believe that you are a fool. :D

It is condescending in the extreme for this airline make the assumption, that we cannot afford to travel as many times as we like.

Short or long stay makes no difference to the airline.

This ploy is just a way of getting the headline rates at the top of price comparison sites.

Looks good until you get to the small print. :o

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As the dream started can we really fly from the UK to Bangkok for 356 quid?

From e mail today.

Exclusively from qatarairways.com. Bangkok from £356 return including all taxes and fees. Book today, fly tomorrow!

Came out at £462 on my enquiry for September :D Dream on !

Perhaps because the offer is for travel to be completed by 30th June ? :o

But #462 return, for September, is still a fairly good price IMHO. :D

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The different booking classes etc are just marketing. A certian number of people get the cheapest tickets with no changes allowed with varying conditions up to the full price people who get flexible tickets. I expect that when Thai say they will sell their seats cheaply they are just releasing more in the cheaper booking class. Restrictions on dates are part of that because a certain type of traveller would find that plenty.

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Just booked two tickets 23 Apr-23 Mar,priced at 354 pounds each,many thanks to OP! :o

So 2 quid cheaper than quoted glad I posted now its of no interest to me at the moment I'm not flying just thought it could help someone on short stay holidays Have a great time here in LOS.


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