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Chanote Fees

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When looking at purchasing bare land to build a house,is there a great difference in fees(taxes?) if the property has a single chanote or 5 chanotes??

eg....we are looking at 2 properties of aprox 4 rai..one having a single chanote and one having 5 chanotes.

The rumor we were told was it is very minimal in extra cost,but more advantage to have the extra chanotes to subdivide land at a later date and not having to survey.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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It is a simple and inexpensive process to get land subdivided into new chanotes by the Land Office. This is sometimes the best route so you can determine the size and shape of each plot you want.

As the above poster says, look at the existing chanotes you are being offered to determine the size and shape, remember road access too etc, if they are not so good best you go with the single chanote and subdivide later.

Last time i subdivided a 3.5 rai plot into 5 seperate chanotes it came to around 9000 baht, so not expensive for the desired result.

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That's not expensive at all,good to know.These lots would be workable at a later date anyway(not weird shapes),I was curious of something mentioned by a guy I couldn't understand about many chanotes of the same lot incurring added costs/fees above just a single chanote.Of couse..same old thing...go to the actual land office and ask before you buy.to be sure

Thanks for yor help

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