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The Term 'majest3' Blocked


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copy paste of full bangkok post articles is not allowed by the Bangkok Post. I have PM'd you the content, lets see if that works. Odd

Who is your ISP?

OK, that was my last reply :o

You should have received my PM by now.

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Here is the original post, with the offending term edited:

I am trying to read the latest Bangkok Post article on the pardon. (URL removed as well, just in case--sbk)

Can anyone copy/paste it here for me?

Strangely, my Thai ISP is blocking it and *all* webpages that contain the word 'majest3' in the url (even on google!).

404 error : File not found

The URL you requested was not found

Please do *not* mention how to get around a net block (it's banned by ThaiVisa).

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Cool thanks. Its just the url's that are filtered, nothing else on a page.

Other terms like lese, harry, and pardon aren't filtered yet. I guess I can't complain, YouTube is blocked on my gf's ISP . . .

so, what ISP are you using then?

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I believe this may explain it:

The old fake '404 Not Found' routine

"However, one of the country's top ISPs now blocks any XML request with the term "lese majeste" in it. This was uncovered by one of my programming friends who I shall not name who was experimenting with URL shortening and came across an error where bit.ly went quiet on certain requests. Upon some experimenting, it appeared that it was the ISP that was replacing any HTTP request, whether it was one for a web page or one calling for a web service, with a fake "404 not found" page."

Source: Bangkok Post

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