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Khon Kaen Biker Week Location?


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The link to the biker bash via the biker week thread is helpful but doesn't say where the "The Makro, Khon Kaen,Thailand" is?

Anyone got any ideas or knowledge?

Help appreciated


Hi JK,

It's impossible to miss the Makro- if you're coming from the south it'll be on your right on Highway 2 as you head through town.


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well if i go up in the truck we can just chuck your bike in the back. sorted :D

on consideration i might have to hire a Phantom when i get there :o:D

Just trying to sort out a different thing at the moment. cos i really want to ride up.

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You can put them into google maps like this 16.40120,102.81263 and it will route it. looking at the sat map does not look like there is a lot there. aren't you tagging along with any of the Bangkok crew?

LOL- yeah, it'd appear the bike week will take place in a dirt lot... Dunno, those are the coordinates that I pulled from the other thread, but if memory serves me correctly the Makro is actually on the other side of Highway 2 (the east side)....

Anyway- it's a Makro and it's on Highway 2 in KK so I can't imagine it'll be all that hard to find.

I'm sure John will chime in to set us all straight.

Happy Trails!


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Thanks for the databurst on this one.

Believe it or not but I'm on a Hunter thompson-esque adventure complete with madcap accomplice right now and won't be coming in from the north or South! :o:D

I'll be blasting in from the west, fresh from covering the mekhong river trail!

I'm on a tight deadline. But I should be in town defo for the 21st! Don't grab the girls too early boys :D

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Hi folks,

Got to see this one a bit late, its now 6.20am on Sat morning. Out at the show site all day yesterday till late.

Coming from the South Makro is on the left side. 100m before Makro is the entrance to Patunam. Yes it was a dirt lot. It now has about 4 Rai of newly cast concrete on which everything is set up for a great day today.

The KK girls are gorgeous and very friendly, as is my wife, but not so friendly if I go on any more about this subject, so will leave that to others.

Hope to see many of you there today.

Cheers, John

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