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Cat Telecom Air Card Verses Adsl


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I finally bit the bullet and got a phone line put into my rented house in Phuket. The line was a TTNT line and I ordered the 2mb download and 512Kb upload speed. Now that it is in and working, I have tested the Skype that I use for all my overseas phone calls. The quality of the audio and the video has dramatically improved. With the old Sierra 580 air card in the Dlink 3G router, I was getting about 300Kb to 500Kb download and only about 75Kb upload. This was making Skype work poorly especially the low upload speed that made it hard for people overseas to hear my audio and the calls were getting dropped all the time. But now I have the ADSL and the the quality of the calls made from computer to computer are perfect with great audio and great video. However, when I call a phone number, the audio that I am receiving is absolutely horrible! It is worse than I used to sound when I was receiving calls from my wife in Thailand when I was in the states. So I have gone from one extreme to the other and it appears like TTNT have found a way to garble the audio signal coming through SKYPE if is comes through from a regular phone in the states.

I just can't win. I can pay more for premium TTNT ADSL which has a higher speed I think 3Mb down but still 512Kb up but I don't think this will help my audio reception in Thailand. If anyone out there has found a solution for this problem, please let me know. I am holding on the air card and 3G router until I find a way to get decent audio reception.

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I had the same problem as you last yr and upgrading to the premium package solved it. Skype worked just fine with premium. The cheaper package of 2mb is apparently just 2 mb within Thailand and limited at that. I went from 2mb cheapy to 1mb premium and the latter was loads faster.


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