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Copy Of Marriage Certificate

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Hi. New to the forum. Hoping someone can help with my problem.

I was married to a Thai national in November 1969 and need a copy of my marriage certificate. We were married in Bangkok. She and I were divorced a couple of years later and we eventually lost contact. My copy of the original marriage certificate is missing.

From reading on the internet I need to contact the district office where the marriage was registered. Other than I'm sure it was registered in Bangkok, I have no clue which district office in Bangkok. A few internet sites list 3 main offices in Bangkok that I plan on contacting first. Other information I've read seems to suggest there are many, many offices in Bangkok. Not just those 3.

Does anyone know if a copy can be obtained?

Are we talking about 3 district offices I need to check with or are we talking many, many?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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The first thing you need to do is make out a police loss report. That’s easy and doesn’t take long. Depending on the police station this could cost 5 or 10 Baht or free.

If you have your divorce papers from Thailand it will list the district registration office, registration number and date of marriage.

Once you know that, take the police report to the applicable district office. They will give you a certified photocopy of the original registration form you filed at marriage. They won’t give you a replacement certificate. The certified copy of the original paperwork is legally accepted as the wedding certificate. This may cost 5 or 10 Baht depending on the number of copies you want.

If you can’t find the District office name I’d suggest you start your search at Bangrak district registration office as it is one of the more popular places to be married.

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Thanks Farma for your response.

I'm located in the states, so not sure how I would obtain a police report unless one from the states would suffice. My plans are to try and get this done by mail starting with a letter to a district office.

At the time of the divorce she was in Bangkok and I was in the U.S. I filed and received a divorce in the states. Copies of the divorce documents were mailed to her, but not sure if she registered the divorce in Bangkok. If she ever wanted to remarry, I would think she did.

I will contact the district office you mentioned. The only thing I can provide them with is her name in English, my name, and the date we were married.

Are names and a date enough information for them to locate the record?

Thanks gain.

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I wish I could help you more but my experience at getting replacement certificates has only been while in Thailand.

I’ve found the staff at the Bangrak registry office to be very helpful with my enquiries.

Hopefully someone with experience of a situation like you have can offer more information to help you. I wonder if you would get some guidance if you contacted a Thai embassy in the States.

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Thanks again Farma.

I did contact a Thai embassy and they stated that I needed to contact the district office where the marriage was registered. I was not able to make clear my situation, so I thanked them for their help and ended the conversation.

My purpose in obtaining a copy of the marriage certificate is in hopes that it will contain information I can use to contact my ex-wife. If it does not, then there is no need to obtain a copy. With that purpose in mind and the fact you have been through this process, could I please burden you with two other brief questions? I'm sure the district office could answer these questions, but I have a feeling the process would be slow and from my experience with the embassy communication could be a problem. Your knowledge could possibly help speed up the process.

Will the marriage certificate contain her address at the time of the marriage or the address where she was born or both? If not, would you know if the address information is on file and available at the district office?

If contact information of some kind were not available at the district office, then they would be of no help and my search becomes more difficult.

Thanks again.

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If you can get a copy of the marriage certificate it will have her Thai ID number on it. With that you could get the address where she is currently registered as living.

I think getting the certificate or even the information from it by mail may be very difficult to accomplish.

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