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Mbk Nokia Mobile Phone Repair


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Nokia Service Center MBK

Several days ago I took my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone to the Nokia Service Center at MBK. What a mistake. I needed a new inner case and the camera to be fixed. After the clerk took a very long time entering all the data into the computer it was agreed that the inner case would be replaced for 200 Baht including labor. The repair of the camera was to be determined later even though the phone was still under warranty. Curiously the invoice said they would upgrade the software as well. I gave them my street address, email address, and another mobile number. I was also told to check my work order online.

They never called or sent me an SMS. The website address was under construction. I returned two days later. They had done absolutely NO WORK on the phone. I was told the motherboard needed to be replaced and it couldn't be done in Thailand. The inner case had not been replaced as I had asked. Nothing. Two days totally wasted. Adequate customer service in Thailand can be very difficult. I received no apologies or excuses, nothing for my time and trouble. Go elsewhere for your Nokia repairs :o

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I went into that one to buy a nokia battery. Given the exploding phone battery stories, i wanted to make sure I got a real one, it seemed awfully expensive and the guy behind the counter didn't seem all that informed.

Perhaps the upper floors would be a better option after all?

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This official service center in the back seems to be run by some Nokia's partner and is notoriously slow. I have been there once and with screen / sw problems and was told it will take about a month as they are so busy. Walked out and went to one of those "dodgy" little shops and it was fixed in 30 minutes and cost me 200 or 300 bath or so...

Recently changed broken key pad in one of those shops for 200 baht and same thing. Less than 30 mins and works even better than original did when new.

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My Nokia N73 locked up. Brought in over there and it was fixed (including a software update) in 2 hours. The reason why the software update is included on the work order is that you agree to understand that the contents of your phone most likely will be erased by the update. You sign for that.

Good experience.

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Sorry, I don't want to hijack this topic but also not want to start a new one for a related question:

My son has a Nokia 6630. The screen has two fixed horizontal lines and a couple of zig-zagging dots inbetween. Otherwise it is working okay.

Is it worth to have it repaired (if so where) or is a new one in order?


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My Nokia N95 (8gb) was dropped in water by a visiting child of a relative. Can it be repaired? What's the likely cost? Where do I take it? I tried two shops in MBK and they just said no spare parts and could not help. The phone is only 5 months old.

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Last year i had a problem with GPS detection that pre-installed in my phone (N78). Nokia services didn't seem to fix the problem, I got my phone returned and I found out later that many parts of my phone (both accessories inside and the buttons) were replaced by the fake ones... What a wasted of time and money. So, my suggestion is to try some other Nokia Center it's better.. I heard in Central World is the best among 18 branches through out Bkk.

Kris of BKK


//e-mail removed as per forum rules//

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Hi :o

Samsung is no better! Had a problem with an older D520 (i fix my phones myself) as in "couldn't get the spare part". Brought it to Samsung (4th floor MBK, between a bunch of banks).

"We no sell parts, we repair only". Ok so i explained the problem "keypad doesn't work, slider detection doesn't work, screen goes white at times". Answer "ok no problem, we call you for quote". I left my number.

No call within one week.

Went back and got to hear "we call you many times you never pick up". I showed (!) her my phone with obviously not a single missed call, verified the number (she called me THEN and of course it worked). She told me "need to change ribbon cable, cost 740 Baht". No problem, i knew it was the ribbon cable because that was what i couldn't get hold of! Aaaargh. So i gave the order to fix it and "we call you when done".

Did they call me? Heck of course not.

Next weekend i'm there again "yes phone is finish, all work". I paid, got my phone, quick test - seemed working, went home and there figured out that it did NOT work - the keypad did, yes, but still no slider detection, and the display still went white whenever it wanted. I tested camera - working, charging - working, test call - all fine except mentioned problems.

Ok next day went to Chiang Mai for holiday, remembering the three-month warranty and accompanying sticker in the phone.

Upon return went to the service center again, told them "still the same problem as before with screen and slider". Left it there and got my "we'll call you".

This time they DID call me! "LCD need exchange, it expensive you want?" I asked about the warranty? "Sorry sir, different problem, no warranty". Wanting to have the dam_n thing working i agreed to 1,800 Baht and again "we will call you when finish".

No call for two weeks.

Went there again - but insisted on testing BEFORE paying, and of course - still no slider detection and now the camera didn't work anymore!! She apologized and said "wait technician check". Two hours later "we change camera now it works but cost 3,000 Baht!" I wanted to test - of course, still no slider detection, camera DID work - but so it did BEFORE the second repair. Which i loudly and clearly made sure everyone in the shop understood.

I asked again about the slider detection and again "please wait, technician check? Another 1 1/2 hours.

Came back and got this: "Sorry sir, mainboard damage, can not do in Thailand because no spare part!"

I gave them 10 minutes to take their LCD out and my old one back in and left without paying a Satang.

Now my phone (apparently with my original camera in it again) does take perfect pictures, it's display goes white whenever it wants to and has no slider detection. Great Job, Samsung.

Kind regards.....


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