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Teaching In Chiang Mai


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Been in Chiang Mai a couple of days and was wondering if anyone can give some advice on where to look for teaching work in Chiang Mai. I currently teach in Bkk but dont have a degree, can anyone point me in teh right direction?? Please feel free to pm me :-)

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I think the standard of teaching English in CM is pretty high compared to other places in the kingdom, (which results in a good knowledge of english in CM by Thai standards in) so I doubt that you will have a lot of opportunites without a degree.

and how did u manage to get a work permit without that ?

probably you would get more feedback if you post in the ajarn.com forum (but who knows, maybe you did this already)

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He can get info in our Teaching in Thailand forum on ThaiVisa. You DO NOT need a degree to get a work permit as a teacher in most or all provinces of Thailand. Chiang Mai is full of teachers, some of whom have no degrees. The OP has experience teaching in Thailand, which is a plus.

It is almost hiring season (for May starting). You need contacts just to figure out where schools are. Pay is not great, esp. for non-degree holders and/or non-native speakers. There must be some folks earning over 35K every month of the year, not counting international schools, but there cannot be many.

As for ajarn.com jobs database, Bangkok Phil himself said last week that February job listings were down by about 30% from a year ago. Old advertisers have disappeared. Not a healthy time in the industry. Language schools also have fewer customers for beginners.

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