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Bangkok - London


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I'm looking to fly to the UK in early may, and have been looking for flights.

I was suprised that flights from BKK to London are quite expensive, but noticed that

flights to BKK from London for the same dates are starting at 400 pounds! (lastminute.com)

Why is it more expensive to fly out of BKK?


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For years starting in BKK was way cheaper but they have not reduced fares to take into account of the crap GBP FX rates as they are prices internally in USD I suspect. Thus, as the THB / USD has been far more stable than GBP, they have not reduced fares.

Now way more expensive.

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different class tickets.

if you are travellling to the uk at list once a year, fly one way bangkok london and then get an open ticket

Thanks, I think I will follow your advice. The cheapest one way out of BKK on lastminute.com is 610 pounds

with Quatar, and I found a 5 month emirates ticket for LHR to BKK Ret for 450!!!

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Thanks for your replies, I was just quoted 19,060 for the kuwait one way, for the date

I wanted. This is still better than what I was expecting to pay! So thanks for all your help


I will play around with the dates abit to see if I can get it cheaper.

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