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Best Way To Extend/renew Permission Of Stay On Multi-entry Visa With Work Permit?

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I have a multi-entry nonB visa and a work permit. My visa is good until June, but my current permission to stay expires March 6 (With multi-entry visas, you get 90 days each entry). I haven't made any trips to immigration since acquiring my current work permit in early January. To extend/renew (not sure what the right word is) my permission to stay, should I just do a border run or would it be easier to go to immigration and get an extension of stay (or whatever it's called? not a visa extension.).

My Thai is terrible, I've heard Bangkok immigration is a huge hassle, and I'm tempted by the idea of just hopping on a bus and visiting the border again, but then again I only get one day off per week. What's the best way to proceed?



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To get an extension requires a lot of paperwork dependent upon what kind of job you have.

If working for a company it has to meet certain financial requirements and etc. You also have to be paid a minimum salary dependent on what country you are from. Normally the company helps with getting the extension and are aware of what is needed.

If teaching that's a different set of requirements.

A little more information would help to answer your question.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am teaching, but not at a big school and not at a language school. Privately owned by a non-thai. My boss has told me that the company meets the 2mil baht/person requirement (that's it, right? or is it something else?) for the foreign workers. Also, we have 4 thai employees for every foreigner, though I don't know whether that's for work permits or extensions of stay or...

Probably, any minimum salary is met. I'm from America.

My boss also has a lawyer that could help me, but I'd have to trouble them about it. I hope that is enough information for a more precise answer. Thanks!

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