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Saturday today.

Life is good.

Everybody is posting nice, quaint happenings; Today is a rainy Sunday not much to do and no school for my daughter.

She knows what a good thin crust pizza taste like ; we make it often..

Since I am swimming in really nice tomatoes of every shape and size; this morning I picked about three kg. ripe beefsteak tomatoes & a large bowl of grape tomatoes.

Dipped the beefsteaks in boiling water to peel them , than put them in a large pot to simmer with all the right spices for a pizza sauce that will last us for a while.

My wife whipped up the dough and some fresh Ricotta cheese ( the dairy coop is near by ) , mixed with a little Parmigiano-Regianno makes a mouth watering pizza topping.

Finally went back to the garden for some sweet basil to put on top and voila! Lunch is ready.

The only problem ; we run out of Merlot , coke had to do .

Yes, away from the big city hustle life is sweet!

Bellow is (was) the finished product; I snuck a phone picture before it disappeared.



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Hi Folks

the above post by SoiDog2 gave me the idea to start this thread. I know that there is already a food forum on TV but lets have a thread here by organic growers for organic growers. After all the reason we all work so hard and care so passionately about organics is to put tasty,healthy and nutritious food on our plates, happy in the knowledge it's chemical free.

So post here with pictures of your culinary creations, share your favourite recipes or ask for advice on what the hel_l to do with that strange looking gourd you've just grown !!

Here's a pic of some bangers I knocked up the other year from some pork I raised. Although the pigs weren't raised entirely organically (something that I will be doing in the future) all the herbs and spices came from the kitchen garden.


On the left are some good 'ol British breakfast sausage whilst those on the right are based on a recipe for Sai Ouah a Ciang Mai speciality that I smoke over coconut husks before griddling.

Cheers for now J 

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You're making me hungry now!

Appetising Pizza and Jandtaa, those sausages on the right make my mouth water even uncooked.

I don't think that I could keep livestock as i would get to know them, so organically reared meat is probably not a thing I could do.

I'm sorry to say that I don't really believe the claims for organic meat etc in the supermarkets and it is becoming increasingly obvious that they have adopted the nasty western habit of injecting meat with water to boost the weight.

There is one place near here that has free range pigs, but they sell the pig, they don't slaughter themselves and too much meat for us in one go. They're catering to a specialist market and too expensive for people around here. But it's really nice to see the pigs running free instead of cooped up in a tiny pen.

If you raise organic pigs in Thailand, Jandtaa, I think that i will have to come and visit you.

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