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Andaman Or Gulf


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If you had to choose between the beaches of Andaman vs the beaches of Gulf of Thailand which would you choose (and why)?

I am speaking from a tourist perspective and just want to get some opinions from others on what they would recommend and of course the reason for that.

I have asked several friends who have been to Thailand but thought to post here as well.

In Andaman I have noticed Phuket, Ko Phi Phi and Krabi look interesting - while in the Gulf I have noticed that Ko Sumai, Ko Pha Ngan and Surat Thani seem appealing.

Thanks for any insight !

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Here's a good website for island and beach info:


I have not seen great beaches on Phi Phi nor Krabi. Same with Surat Thani. There are some, but not as good as the ones on Phuket Island and nearby.

Samui and the islands nearby have some pretty decent beaches, but I do believe Phuket is a bit better. But for an "island" feel, being in a hut right next to the beach, Samui and the nearby islands are pretty nice. Phuket is quite crowded and some parts are very upscale. Also, avoid during the rainy season. Some beaches almost completely shut down and others are a bit of a mess...plus no swimming...

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