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Coffee Boost Replacement ?


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Try cafeine powder. But you did not say why you stopped drinking coffee.. if you did not want the cafeine then the powder form is not a good idea.

Out of curiosity : where can one buy caffeine powder ?

I bought 700grams from a dutch shop and make my own capsules with caffeine. This way i got the buzz without coffee (i don't like coffee). I like it this way else i had to drink those energy drinks and they are full of sugar.

and with 200mcg or 400mcg of cafeine you can go for over 2 years with 700 grams of the stuff.

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Cocoa is solid good recommendation. Cocoa is really good in a smoothie and compliments banana flavors.

Cocoa has mild stimulant and mood enhancement properties. Rated highly as an antioxidant.

Also energy producing are


Ginseng tea and supplements( adaptogenic properties)

Green or fermented Teas (caffeine and nutrient rich)

Jiaogulan tea (very balancing and adaptogenic)

Reishi tea (amazing for balancing the pituitary gland)

bee pollen/royal jelly etc (product of thailand)

Korean high grade ginseng is pricey but the other herbs are common and cheap to purchase in Thailand.

Young ginseng (1 year old) is common in Thai markets but nothing like the good Korean and American ginseng imports. Good for soups and stocks or tea ingredient.

Above herbs have immortality properties in Chinese herbology.


definition and list of adaptogenic herbs

adaptogen WIki

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I drink cocoa every morning and like crushdepth says it is very healthy, but I hate to admit nothing gets me going in morning like coffee. I have tried tea and also honey and lemon but coffee still is the best fix. Exercise is good but I just cannot force myself to do it in the early morning, except for a bike ride.

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HI I agree with the cocoa suggestion.

We also have peeled cacao nibs in our online health food store.

Raw and organic.

(this is essentially unprocessed cocoa).

They also contain antioxidants and minerals.


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Ginseng capsules will give you a permanent boost after you've been taking them a few weeks, but they interfere with your sleep unless you are a heavy sleeper. White (American) ginseng has a "cooler" effect than red ginseng but I've never seen it in Thailand.

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