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I've checked the "Latest Reports..." section on KL, but it looks like the last reports on Tourist Visas is a bit out of date. So some questions:

1) Is it still free or no? If not, I pay in Ringit? How much?

2) Are they still only issuing a single entry visa?

3) Do I need to show any proof of onward travel, flight tix, hotel reservation, etc?

4) Are there any tips on getting to/from the embassy/airport (I read one report, but I seem to remember a very detailed one previously I can't find now)?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Tourist visa's are still free, until March 2011.

Most consulates will only issue a single entry tourist visa for free, however Vientianne, Laos will issue a double entry tourist visa for free. Most apply there for that reason.

Suspect KL will only issue single entry.

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>4) Are there any tips on getting to/from the embassy/airport

Train runs from airport to Sentral station. If you land at the LCCT, the Low Cost Carrier Terminal on the other side of the airport (Air Asia uses it, I don't know who else) there is a shuttle bus to the train.

Ampang Park is the closest rail station to the embassy. It's too long of a walk unless you're cheap or love to sweat. Taxi driver will know embassy row, but may not know Thai embassy. Going west it's just past the VW dealer, which is across the street from a Proton dealer. On the two days I was there it was the only embassy with a crowd outside the gate.

When you return to pick up your passport there will be taxis waiting, hoping for a fare to the airport. Good luck getting one for a short ride.

KL visa run report on my blog. Nothing more about transport, but some useful tips that could get you in and out of the embassy quicker.

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