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Misunderstanding On 90Day Stuff

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Because I renewed my retirement visa during the 90 day period, with all manner of documents.

I believed that would be evidence of being here and at same adress..But it's not.. my mistake, so I was fined

when I went to report 90 days (actually a few weeks less) from my visa visit. I'm not complaining

just letting anyone else as dumb as me to take note.

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Only the first application for extension of stay is counted as a 90 day address report. After that you must make a TM.47 report every 90 days unless you leave Thailand (count starts at one on return).

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A friend of mine was equally confused when he renewed an extension and assumed that also counted as a 90 day report. Fined.

So basically if you haven't filled in a TM 47 form and handed it to the officer ( no matter the other paperwork of yours he/she may have with your address on ) you haven't reported.

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