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Misleading Photo Avatars Used On Thaivisa In Thailand


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Some of the avatars used on this site are incredibly misleading,

Some are farang pretending to be young Thai girls and staying in character

Others show military photos or names which are equally deceptive,

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Nobody asked me but I am going to say it anyway , this thread is a new LOW for thaivisa , it cannot be misconstrued as an opinion (Can it?) or complaining (Maybe) , or truly very , very little of interest or worthy of debating , who cares who uses what as an avatar as long as it in the realm of decency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

New sub forum to be commenced forthwith ; pis_sing in the wind for something better to do .

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My name is Pink!

the band is quite fantastic.

thanks for clearing up my next question before i had a chance to ask.

from the looks of the ops TV standard avatars he is a tiny man in a blue shirt with a box of tissue close to hand. i wonder if that has anything do with the misleading young girl avatars he finds so disturbing.

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OK, let's go for more truth and help find more appropriate Avatars for the people posting on this thread.

Guess who should use this picture?



could be one of two.

either JT (sorry couldnt resist !) or.......... no not even going to go there. wink.gif

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If you have a particular problem with someone's avatar, I think it best to deal directly with that member. Your parameters for what should be used as an avatar could lead to some pretty repulxive avatars. Define decency.

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