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The Itc Seem To Be Working On A Partial Block Of Certain Facebook Pages


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I just tried several times to log onto my facebook account and got the ITC message that is normally reserved for porn and gambling websites.

At first I thought it was a bit of server bleed over. and that no way would they block Facebook, (there would e a riot, methinks).

But I got hold of my girlfriend on the other side of town and she confirms that there is a problem.

She has done a check on the Thai web boards and they are full of the same reports.

I would imagine that the ITC is attempting to impose a partial block of certain pages, and that I think they are using a trial and error approach... i am a web developer and I understand the complexity of such a task.

After all, they are a government funded agency, and there are laws of prohibition in place, especially at such a sensitive time, and facebook being the largest sounding board in the world, it is just a matter of time before they step up to the plate and attempt something like this.

I would suggest that you give it a day or two to settle down, give them time to filter the subversive stuff, and it should be business as usual.

If what they are attempting does not succeed, then i doubt they would have the green light to issue a blanket ban... even China wouldn't have the balls for that.... lol

I appreciate, i could be totally wrong, but this is my take. Just trying to shed a bit of light on the subject for the benefit of the majority that do not understand these sort of procedures.

If you get the dreaded 4 line message, then go to your address bar and delete the "home.php?" from the end of the url string, and you will get access.

To the admin and moderators...I noticed a similar thread was posted, and subsequently locked by the administration... I have posted this thread as to help those ex-pats that are stuck for an answer to this problem. We all have to appreciate that facebook is the only lifeline that a lot of people have with their loved ones back home.

Hope this helps.

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