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PM Abhisit Orders Probe On Bt3.4b Computer Procurement Scandal


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PM Orders Probe on Interior Ministry Computer Procurement Scandal

BANGKOK: -- The prime minister plans to set up an independent panel to investigate the Interior Ministry's 3.4 billion baht computer procurement scandal involving a candidate for the permanent-secretary of Interior.

At the Democrat Party Office, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva talked about the appointment of Mongkol Surasajja as the permanent-director of Interior, which has been delayed after Mongkol was implicated in the Interior Ministry's 3.4-billion baht computer leasing project scandal.

Abhisit said that after having talked with Interior Minister Chaovarat Charnveerakul, they concluded that an independent panel will be appointed to investigate the scandal, and the project will be suspended for the time being.

The premier also indicated that the members of the panel will not come from the ministry, but will consist of officials from other agencies such as the Department of Government Procurement, the Finance Ministry, the Bureau of the Budget or the Attorney General's Office.

The prime minister expects the investigation to be concluded within one month.

In the meantime, according to the law, a deputy permanent-secretary of Interior will be appointed the acting permanent-secretary.

When asked if setting up the panel is a result of the talk with Chaovarat, the prime minister responded that the issue has been deliberated for the past few days, with some more new information.

When inquired whether the independent panel would be able to clarify the scandal to the public, Abhisit said the members of the panel will also be held accountable for their report.


-- Tan Network 2010-09-22


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They still have the government investigating the government. What are the chances of finding and reporting any wrongdoing....in a corruption plagued system?

the stories here remind me of my daughter's daycare center.....he did, she did, we'll find out and tell on you, then the sniveling and crying and promises....not much different really except that now they wear suits......

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Good one! 32 seats would be a lot to lose out of a coalition, but they would still have a majority, and possibly win a lot of respect by reigning in these cowboys. On the other hand, if they lose a few seats over their own corruption case, 32 might be too many to lose.

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Only 3.4Bn??? dam_n the boys are slipping. I would hazard a guess the Thai Govt loses more than half its annual budget to corruption. ph34r.gif

Thaksin gained more than double his wealth on picking up the top job and that was billions too - only in his case it was USD not Baht! I wonder really how much has disappeared in the last decade? Anyone care to elaborate their thoughts?

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Trying to fool the general public? The real headline should read:

"PM Orders Probe on Interior Ministry Computer Procurement Scandal Because Democrats Weren't Let in on it"

It's unethical not to include all political parties on contracts. They should know better.

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