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Import Duties For Supplements

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I'm considering starting a business that will import supplements from the USA. Does anyone know much much customs tax I will have to pay to bring these into the country. I only need a very rough estimate at the moment so that I can judge whether this is a viable business or not.

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I think that you will find that there are enough supplements right here in Thailand. You will find that import duties are quite high bringing anything into Thailand.

If you want more info on Thai Herbal supplements of the highest quality please PM me. :)

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Unless your 'supplements' are approved by the Thai FDA you have no chance. The process usually can be sorted with a bribe (about Baht 200,000) and then all the appropriate paper work - per product! Then once you have that you can import but then you have customs to contend with and they are a totally unknown quantity. Cost wise they charge what they like.

Here is the link on what you are supposed to calculate on \: http://www.customs.go.th/Customs-Eng/Sample/Sample.jsp?menuNme=Sample but in reality the costs are a lot more as Customs charges what they lie as a clearance fee. I had products coming from Australia and ended up giving up. I wasted 2 years.

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