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Diy Canal Tour - Bang Yai, Bang Noi?


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My mother is coming to visit in a few months and one thing we want to do is a one day canal trip (by ourselves, not with some tour or company). Maybe stopping off at some temples on the way, then stopping for lunch at a riverside restaurant before coming back the same way. I've been in BKK for 3 years but with my own transport have never taken a river taxi.

I'd like to do it solo first so it's a smooth running trip when my mother is here.

What pier do I go to get a normal river taxi to go up Bang Yai? What colour flag should it be?

From Bang Yai pier is there another taxi that goes further into the countryside? (Bang noi?). It's be great to go as far as we can on the canal before coming back.


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A number of years ago, I tried to use regular riverboat taxis and ferries for a trip up the klongs on the Thonburi side of the river. No success.

What you might do, is see about negotiating a full day rate for the usual long-tailed boat, and then telling the driver where you want to go.

There's a Thai man working out of the Phra Arthit pier (Banglamphu / KhaoSan Road) who's been there for years, and I've organized ordinary klong tours through him.

He's usually right at the corner of the river walkway and Santichaiprakarn, and most often wearing a light plaid shirt. I'd recommend chatting with him and seeing what you might be able to organize.

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This kind of looks like what I'm looking for:


Trip along Khlong Bangkok Noi - Khlong Bangyai

A boat service is operated during 6.30 a.m.-11.00 p.m. The boats depart from Tha Chang every half an hour until 11.00 a.m. They leave the pier when there are enough passengers. The boat fare is 30 baht per person. It takes 50 minutes to Bang Yai, a district in Nonthaburi. Attractions along Khlong Bangkok Noi are as follows:

Tha Chang pier to B. Noi to B. Yai.

Then change piers to continue.

Trip along Klong Bangyai - Khlong Om - Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi After arriving at Bang Yai (a district in Nonthaburi), travellers who expect to continue the trip to Nonthaburi can catch another taxi boat at Wat Sao Thong Hin pier which is situated within a walking distance from Bang Yai pier. The boat service is operated during 4.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m. It takes 15-20 minutes.

The fare is 12 baht/person. Next to Wat Sao Thong Hin, Wat Rat Prakhong Tham has a three-top building which houses a huge reclining Buddha image. Along the route, visitors are able to enjoy the peaceful scenery and waterway life along Khlong Om. Houses along both sides of the canal look very tidy. Almost every house is made of wood in the same style, Colourful flowers are also planted along verandahs by the river.

This also might be interesting.

Mit Chao Phraya Express Boat operates another boat trip on Saturdays during 8.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m. through Khlong Bangkok Noi, Bang Kruai, Khlong Om, and stops for sightseeing at the Royal Barge Museum. The trip costs 100 baht/person. For more information, tel: 225-6179, 623-6169

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Tha Chang pier is just behind Sanam Luang.

So from there it seems there's water taxis every 30 minutes (up to 11am) going up Khlong Bang Noi.

After 1 hr you'll arrive at Bang Yai.

Here you change to Wat Sao Thong Hin pier which is walking distance away, and can continue up Khlong Om for another 20 minute ride.

Hopefully finding a nice open waterside restaurant to enjoy some nice food, a cold beer and good book, before returning sounds nice.

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Great map here.


I'm interested in going from Tha Chang pier Which is behind number 7, up khlong Bang Noi to number 2, possibly stopping off at 4 and 5 along the way.

Then changing piers at no. 2 and continuing to no. 3.

Boats leave Tha Chang pier every 30 mins before 11am.

About 80b all up. laugh.gif

Leaving plenty of change for an icy beer or 3 and kilo of grilled shrimp at a waterside restaurant along the way.

Sounds alright. :D

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I've seen occasional taxis/ferries/riverboats going up the klong from Tha Chang while I've been sitting at Thamassat University. They have seemed quite irregularly scheduled, and often loaded with what appear to be office workers or government personnel heading home.

Some of the problem might be having to wait until there are "enough" people to justify the trip. If the driver says no, ....

Please let us know what you discover! I'd like to make that trip myself. jap.gif

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Hello. I am here right now in Bangkok and tried following the directions on the khlong trips to Bangkok Noi and Yai. When I went to Tha Chang, I was told there are no boats operating as a public transport described above. Not believing what I was told, I asked the receptionist at the hostel I am staying in and she said the same: the only boats plying are the ones for the Chao Phraya and the boats that cross it. I still could not believe this and it is not easy to find information.

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