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Pattaya Lwyer


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Hi all, this maybe a long shot but here goes.

I need to locate a female Lawyer who had an office on 2nd road North Pattaya ( the parade of shops just before the Dolphin roundabout) The name of the office was " Smart Angel " however, the office closed down just over 4 years ago, I have recently been trying to locate the the female Lawyer who's name I cannot remember to return some documents to her, if anyone can provide me with information on where she or her office might be it would be greatly appreciated.


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Further to my post, I now believe the female lawyer is known as Poi,(a nickname I presume)and the parade of business/shops where her office was located, higher up than Big C and the Festival center on 2nd road is called Pattaya Bazzar.

The Lady will now be in her late 30s to early 40s and speaks excellent English. If anyone is at present or has in the past dealt with or know's a female lawyer with this name, or legal representative as some are known and they fit this description would they please let me know, any information no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.


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