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Looking For Rental House In Bang Saen Or Immediate Vicinity


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Hi there

I am posting this in the Pattaya section as this seems the forum most applicable to Bang Saen.

I am looking for a 3 bed house with a decent garden in the Bang Saen area for around 10K. I found a townhouse just one street back from the beachfront with 3 beds, at 9k and an overall decent size, but the misses wasn't taken with it.

Has anybody any experience of renting in this area, and what I can expect to pay?

I have looked at a website for Bang Saen real estate, but I have a feeling the prices might be inflated??

It could well be the only way to find something is to get out on foot, walk around the estates and look for signs saying to rent.

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.

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I think you are probably correct in your assessment of the real estate company having overpriced houses available. Most agencies won't even consider houses at about 10,000. Not enough profit.

I think your best bet is to drive around some of the housing developments or talk to locals in the area.

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