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Any Canadians Having Problems With Atm Withdrawals?


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I have PC Financial card, and was unable to withdraw funds for the last 3-4 days. Tried multiple ATMs from different banks. I've been able to make withdrawals before at the same locations. Called the bank, they are obviously of no help, ending our conversation with "We cannot guarantee the bank card will work outside Canada".

Got fed up today and email transferred money to my TD Bank account. Went to make a withdrawal, and same thing. The ATM fails with "Transaction has been cancelled. Please contact your bank".

So to summarize. Two different bank accounts from Canada. ~ 10 different ATMs. All fail with the same error message.

Anyone experiencing the same?

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expired card?

Thailand got locked out?

Both happened to me.

Got new card and bank re-unlocked Thailand for my card.

I purposely got a brand new card before leaving. PC finally chip enabled them, plus mine was scratched. The card is ~ 3 month old. I notified both banks prior using the card here. And as I mentioned, I was able to use PC card previously, then 4 days ago it stopped working. Both banks say there is no problem with my account, there is nothing they can see on the account that is wrong.

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