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Marriage Visa First Renewal

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I recently got an O Visa - Marriage - at the Thai Embassy in Singapore (Jan 7) I gave them a copy of our Singapore marriage license (in English) and a photocopy of my bank book showing 400K - for less than 2 months. They issued me a 90 day visa, multiple entry (S$250 yikes).

My question is, when I go to renew it here in Thailand for a one year visa, do I have to start over...? I have not drawn down my 400K account, thinking they will want to see 400K AGAIN here. I also have a letter from the US embassy attesting to about 75K baht/month income. (Thai Embassy in Singapore was not interested in this).

1. Will I need to have the 400K minimum in my account for the next 3 months?

2. Will I need to go have our Singapore marriage license 'fixed' here. (I'm thinking I will still have to register here).

3. Will I need photos of me/spouse in house, etc.

Mario was very helpful last time with my inquiry...Good to hear from you again!



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Hi i have a non immigrant O visa based on marriage, it was issued in Perth Australia. I only had to show marriage certificate and her thai ID/Passport. Did not have to show income at all !!

Does the documentation vary around the world and indeed in Australia with different states. I know when i got mine in Perth i looked at the Thai consulate websites of Brisbane and Sydney and there was slight differences in what documents they required i.e in Brisbane they want a Police clearance certificate (criminal record check)

i would have thought they would all be the same ??

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Yes (2 months if using it), Yes (it must be translated/recorded) and Yes (and other required marriage paperwork).

You did not need the multi entry visa (only single entry is required) so now to use you must exit every 90 days for the next year. Or if willing to lose the paid for time you can extend your stay at Immigration during the last 30 days of any entry. If you have paid for Embassy letter I would advise doing so on this entry rather than having to pay for a new letter down the road (or having to keep the 400k in bank account 2 months) unless you are planning to travel anyhow.

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Perhaps some kind soul could give some advice re the actual confirmation on a Marriage Visa Renewal application.

When you apply for the renewal and go through all the needless hoops and hassles, they still don't give you a decision - instead they (ridiculously) make you come back 4 weeks later for said decision. I've got to do this pain in the *ss chore on April 12th, which is going to be hell out there due to folks gettin in there before the closure for Songkran (in fact it would actually be no surprise if they shut up shop for the entire week next week!)

So I was wondering if you can go get the confirmation a few business days before the date they've specificied or does it absolutely need to be only the the date they've specified?


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