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Tv Or Monitor ?


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Can someone explain (apart from the obvious one gets TV signals and other doesnt) what is the difference and or advantages etc of using an LCD Monitor or an LCD TV to connect to laptop or netbook ?

It seems that a dedicated 20" LCD Computer Monitor and a 22" LCD TV are about the same price and the TV would have additional uses whereas the monitor is just a monitor, so are there any pitfalls to using a TV as a monitor ??

Thanks for any info.

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OK not what you asked but a a dedicated LCD Computer Monitor I noticed last week were cheaper than a LCD TV..

LCD Computer Monitor 23" Brand new Samsung was 3,999 baht, other makes around the same price up to 6,000 baht..

Sure if you want bigger size, then TV is a lot cheaper.... I use a monitor, but do have a cable to the main TV 42" Panasonic, but not good for text, and only ever use it to play DVD'd from UK that will not work on the Thai DVD Player..

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