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Resident Visa

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hi to all if any body could help me with my questions . i got a renew for another 6 month on my aply resident visa now i waiting 5 years already my company i work for is going to close next year so no more work permit do anybody knows the rules for to get my resident visa i need a work permit or not .do i have to show my work permit when the resident visa get issued ? thanks all the best ebby

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Sorry to hear about your problem. There is a big thread about permanent residency, where you might find the nswer to your question, here:


I've been doing these 6 monthly extensions since 2006 using the T.M.25 form. Never had to show a WP (even though I have one).

The issue will be once/if your PR is approved, you may be asked to show a WP when doing all the paperwork at your local police station, getting your name added to a Blue Book etc....

We are in somewhat unchartered territory with regards to the PR process.

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