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Documents When Buying Condo

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Im back again about buying off the plan condo, almost there but is it normal for them to give you documents off ownership of condo just thai or do they give 2 documents one in thai and one in english?



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For Certain no official documents will be in English Language . The name of the legal owner will be in Thai script

After the transfer you will receive the Chanote (Title Deed ) and the Tabien Bahn (House Book)

The latter has no legal standing-Just states who is living there.

For foreigners this house book should be Yellow-Blue for Thais.

When I purchaed my condo I was given a Blue book. It serves all my purposes. I believe that I could ,if I wished, trade it in for a Yellow book.

My local City Hall even put my name in it. Not on the main pages -just on the inside of the front cover.

Trust that this helps

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When I purchaed my condo from Bangkok in 2004 I not get any kind book not Blue or Yellow?

Later my friend buy condo 2009 from same condominium and he get Yellow book.

Do I need this book and where can get it and how?

See "pinned topic" top of this page or click on this http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/156485-yellow-tabien-bahn/

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