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After watching a program about sharks on the National Geographic channel I was wondering if sharks have ever been seen in Pattaya Bay. ( Yes, I know about the two legged "sharks" if front of the tailor shops and Walking Street.) :bah: And while we are talkking about sea life, what about Dolphins which Pattaya uses as a icon once in a while?

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I've seen a few dog fish caught by local fishermen. And a dead one on Jomtien Beach this year.

I also read (not sure of accuracy) but no recorded attacks by Sharks in the Bay.

Sharks hunt by smell, I assume the bay is too polluted and smells of the wrong things for Sharks.

All the sharks have been caught, finned and eaten long ago.

It amazes me how many boats go out and fish every night in the bay.

Once all the fish are caught and eaten whats next on the menu for mankind - concrete...?

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Go to google and type in "Shark Attack Thailand" and you will find that one local fisherman was killed years ago by a shark on his boat where he had make the mistake of putting his leg too close to the shark's mouth.

Other than that, sharks are not a danger here.

Nice feeling, isn't it?

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