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Sun tolerant flowering plants

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fragrant, diverse and hardy flowering plants that thrive in west side sunlight for an average of 5 hours a day?

All the ones I've planted thus far have fared very poor, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Bouganvilla (sp) and of course sunflowers. If I remember correctly, I have also seen chrisanthimums doing well. I would be interested also in veggies that do well in direct sunlight.

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Maybe you should check your planting conditions? Just a thought. There are an enormous number of flowering plants that fit your description.

Just go into any decent plant shop and sort through their selection of seeds. Their conditions are printed on the packets in easy to understand pictograms.

The germination rate info might be a bit dodgy.....smile.png


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I would say amend your soil conditions... and just see what the locals are growing in your area...

First year always tougher on plants while the roots get established.... a bit of fertilizer and TLC (extra watering) needed to get things going! wink.png

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