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Marang Pedalai Keledang

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Here are pic's of marang, pedalai and keledang, has anybody ever seen them in Thailand?

They taste better then a jackfruit or chempedak is what i read and are of the same family artocarpus







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Here is some info about the Keledang. I really would like to grow it.

This unusual looking fruit with the unusual name hits the tastebuds with real impacta delicious burst of the tropics in a tiny delectable fruit. Named for the region in Indonesia from which it originated, the Keledang is similar in structure to the Jakfruit, although vastly different in size. The Keledang grows to about a maximum one kilo.

This round fruit is 12 to 15 cm across, orange-brown in colour when ripe, and is regularly divided or ’tiled’ by small bumps on the skin. The core is thick and the small fruits are protected by a inedible ribbon like cocoon of flesh. The ripe fruit should break open easily by gentle pulling. There is a strong detectable sweet fruity aroma.

Inside are multiple small yellow to deep orange pods of fleshy fruit surrounding a dark seed (inedible). The taste is superb. A full ripe opulent flavour with a long extraordinary cloying finish. The taste is sweet and tangy, and on the palette is creamy and silk-like. This is a taste not to be forgotten, and is best eaten just as it comes.

The Keledang tree produces a beautiful timber and in some parts is used in the making of exquisite furniture and fittings.

This amazing fruit is grown quite successfully in this region and is currently an inclusion in our Tropical Fruit Safari presentation every Monday and Tuesday at 1.00pm sharp at the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre. A true ultra tropical fruit.

Terri Scarborough
Tropical Fruit Safari Presenter

- See more at: http://www.missionbeachtourism.com/blog/2013/04/29/the-keledang/#sthash.n6XljPip.dpuf

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I'm also interested in planting these fruit trees. I'll go to Malaysia sometime in the next few months. I'll see if I can get some seeds. I'll send some to you if I can get them. Or, heck, if you get seeds before me, maybe you can send me a few.

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I'm also interested in planting these fruit trees. I'll go to Malaysia sometime in the next few months. I'll see if I can get some seeds. I'll send some to you if I can get them. Or, heck, if you get seeds before me, maybe you can send me a few.

I have a grafted chempedak now,2 australian amber jackfruit seedlings, 3 marang seedlings from the best variety.

For a pedalai seedling or keledang i will swap with you. I know where to buy chempedak seeds in BKK, maybe even a grafted tree (chatuchak) but those pedalai or keledang are what i 'm after. They are in Oz though in missionbeach, borneo but maybe also malaysia who knows.

I will sure get them but at the moment i have so much growing so i 'm not in a hurry to chase them. Sure i would love to get pedalai and keledang soon, for those i will make space.

Soon i get purple caimito and white chocolate tree (capuassu).

I have enough other rare fruits to swap so go find them and let me know.

You can also post a free ad here and who knows somebody sends them to you.


You need to find this keledang: artocarpus lanceifolius , which is the best.

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We should have a tropical fruit club in Thailand. Maybe it exists allready but sure it will be in Thai language and i can't read that.

In Florida and Australia they also have them, they swap plants or send eachother seeds and also have meetings sometimes. Not that i 'm after meetings but it is fun to grow fruits and especially ones that are not on the markets in Thailand.

We all have some connections with other country's or like to travel so it would be easyier to acquire new fruit variety's.

In the USA they have loads of great mango's (i have never been there though) that are not in Thailand. Would be great if somebody has a tree of them and we can share scions to graft onto our mangotree's. Same with avocado, jackfruit, sugarapple, lychee and many more fruits.

I have a collection of special and rare fruitseeds growing now and would like to swap them for fruits that i don't have yet. I don't have big land though but grow them in big pots. That also works, even for avocado or other big tree's and they will fruit one day.

Now i have white jaboticaba, ross sapote, eugenia candolleana, eugenia luschnatsiana, eugenia brasiliensis, eugenia neonitida, eugenia intermedia, marang, amber jackfruit, canistel, many different mango's from overseas, broadleaf papaya australia, yellow grumichama, fijian longan, chempedak, pulasan, abiu Z4 and big round abiu, Eugenia involucrata (cherry or rio grande), red dragonfruit, passionfruits Australia, bali salak.

Let me hear if you want to swap something or so.

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