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Where to buy organic wheat seed (berries) and whole wheat flour

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I am looking for a source for organic Wheat berries (seed) , and for organic whole wheat flour.

Also, does anyone know where it is possible, in Chiang Mai area, to have the wheat milled into flour?

Thank you.

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This has come up before, look at past TV posts. do you want the grain for seed ,for growing or the grain for milling.

You could grow wheat , but for making bread, it has to be a hard ,red variety, for Thailand will also have to be a spring wheat variety.

Wheat is grown in Thailand ,in the north where it is a bit cooler ,but dose not like the hot climate, also it is a soft feed wheat for animal feed ,not the same quality, and certainly you can not make bread with it, as wheat from the west Where to buy the seed( for growing) in Thailand? I do not know ,as for organic seed/flour difficult.

Thai baker's will use imported flour.

Also, trying to grow it organically ,difficult, to many pests and disease. I could be wrong ,but wheat is not native to Thailand , I think the gremlins will kill it off.

Could look at Thai Google see if they have any thing, same as whole wheat flour, or just buy the strong bread flour from Big C.

Yours Regs


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I don't want to hijack the thread, but using the word "organic" to describe something that is best described as "sustainable farming" is very irritating for my scientific mind.

Organic = part of a living or once-living compound that contains carbon, opposite = anorganic.

Organic farming is a manipulative and misleading appellation, suggesting anything else, such as genetically modified organisms are not organic!

rant finished.

Edited by manarak
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