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End to TM skimming?

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Could that be the begging of the end for ATM skimming?

AUSTRALIANS who have forgotten their wallets or lost a bank card will soon be able to withdraw cash from ATMs without using plastic.

The Commonwealth Bank is next month rolling out the capability for all customers to get cash out from ATMs without using plastic, all they need is their smartphone.

It is the nation’s first cardless ATM service.

Using the bank’s app, CommBank customers can authorise a withdrawal from any of the bank’s ATMs by providing them with an 8-digit cash code and a four-digit PIN.

The person getting the cash has a 30-minute window to withdraw the money out after receiving the codes.

A person can authorise withdrawals on their phone for themselves or arrange for the codes to be sent to someone else so they can collect the money from an ATM.

The updated app will also allow consumers to lock down their credit card approvals by locking international in-store and online transactions from within the app, as well as setting concrete spending limits on single transactions from a CommBank account.

A limit of withdrawing $200 per day applies.

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And when that really nice bank that loves you up one wall and down the other, decides you are no longer a good person, and cuts off your money supply, you're going to wish you had a safe, a gun and a garden, not a smart phone, a bad attitude and a bar girl!

America isn't the only place.

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