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House Building On Samui

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we will soon be building a home on samui,we are hoping to get started in two to three months.we have already spoken with a couple of building and architectural companies there but as yet have not decided who to go with.

if anybody has done this on samui and can recommend a building company that will do a professional job of designing and building then i would be glad to hear from you. if anybody knows of any companies to avoid then i would also like to hear from you, (pm if you dont want to name and shame on the forum)

we are hoping to build a two or three bedroomed house, something attractively designed that will blend in with the site as much as is possible, built well and practical to live in and something that wont fall down or get washed away come the first rainstorm. we are not looking to build a beverly hills type of villa or a thai roofed monstrosity.

so if anybody knows of a local company that can do this, please share your knowledge with me.

many thanks.

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A good friend of mine and her husband built their two-story house to their specs last year in Bantai, Koh Pha-Ngan.

They had some trouble with their first builders, but seemed happy with the results from the second team.

I don't have contact details, but Monika & Werner's house is inside one of the bungalow resorts on Bantai beach, just down from Wat Kow Tham. Werner is the only pizza maker around there, so him and Monika are well known locals.

It may pay to take the boat over and ask around...

jose '-)

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Good Info Jose.It's the only way that you can see the finished article and see the quality.Check out some of the Bigger Western Restaurants and speak to the owners about there contractors.

Best of Luck.

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tax, can't help you with samui but agree with 12calls's advice. Drive around, look at houses you like that seem solidly built, question locals (farang and thai alike). Often the teams that build local houses like Monika and Werner's are transitory, or they just stick to one island, I don't know how feasible it would be to come to Koh Phangan to find a building team. Your best bet would be research on Koh Samui.

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thanks for all the replies and pm's that i have received .

lots of good advice and recommendations.

and we have found a company that will design and build for us.

it was actually the first company we went to a couple of years ago when we bought the land , and we havent found anybody else who inspires trust and confidence like these people. so i hope our judgement proves correct.

we've seen examples of their work and liked what we saw.

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