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Student Died during International School Field Trip


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During one of the Overnight Field Trip of International Pioneer School one of the grade 6 student got drowned in the resort pool.

teachers or lifeguards were not aruond while the students were swimming alone around 4pm.

Attached is picture of the student of International Pioneer School wgho died in the mishap.


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I just about have a nervous breakdown every time we have a school outing. Some of the students are difficult to supervise. We try to make sure that places like the pool are always watched as well as other places. It also helps to have them wearing something like the same colored shirts so that it's easy to identify them.

Did the students have permission to be swimming? If so, there should have been ample staff around.

Whatever happened, it is a tragedy.

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Yeah sad to hear this, and I echo Scott on this as well. Went on a school outing for a couple of days with the kiddos and there was a pool at the hotel...we had mostly high school kids but it is suprising how many kids here can't swim. Spent a couple of hours out there keeping an eye on things but was definately nervous, as many of the kiddos rooms faced the pool and they'd be tempted to hang out around it away from adults.

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