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I was moving faster than Jagger on the cheap!


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Stones in town. Tried to get tickets online just got jammed months ago. Decided to rock up and see what I could get perhaps a scalper. Then saw ticket sales and a few people were there was offered $600 forget it or side view $200 took it and just moved around a bit in the area where you are supposed to go only to traverse to the exits. So for a couple of songs stood behind the pensioners in wheelchairs who were dead in the middle of the stage view, then stood behind some cleaners who were observing the show, again top view and space to dance, then stood next to mobility impaired (crutches etc) again great view, just had to do it, not gonna sit in rubbish seats could be last time they are here ok here is my attempt at relevance to this forum:

1. You can do it on the cheap just need some creativity and be a bit daring, never say CAN'T

2. Keep smiling, Keith, Mick, Ronnie and Charlie were in fine form and loving what they do always a big smile on their faces which is what keeps them rolling

Long live the Stones!!!! great bloody show.

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